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18+years Experience

About Rajat Soni

Rajat has held a number of hats, including educator, author, and career advisor. With a wide range of degrees and certifications, he has extensive work experience and in-depth knowledge in diverse fields

While interacting with students during his professional career, he discovered that students frequently lack clarity when choosing their future. Due to the lack of pertinent information regarding the various courses and career options available, they become confused. Students may also choose a career path that does not suit their interests under peer or parental pressure, frequently resulting in future dissatisfaction.

Need for Counselling

Life Coaching

Are you concerned that your teenager lacks motivation? Or does your teenager struggle with one of the following problems?
  • Doesn’t see the importance of education
  • Has a negative attitude
  • Has important exams coming up in the near but isn't preparing well for them
  • Lacks organisational skills
  • Suffers from anxiety

Career Coaching

Are you confused about choosing the best career path for you? Are you overwhelmed by the plethora of information about various courses and career alternatives?
Worry not. We are there to assist you.

Rajat will guide you to take the best course of action regarding your future career decision.

We provide complete career guidance, starting with a one-on-one conversation with students to identify their strengths and interests and steer them in the direction of the best career path that matches their interests.

Need for Counselling